After entering the Royal Opera House YCN brief and being commended my work was picked up by AKA who does the design work for the Royal Opera House. They liked the idea and wanted me to develop it with them into the ROH Student Scheme campaign for 2016.


I wanted to challenge the stereotypes of people that attend the Opera and make it a more inclusive event welcoming to all that can appreciate the music and atmosphere.

Remember the

First Time

The idea behind my work was that of nostalgia, we all have those key memories in our head of the first time we did something, and by focusing on the good and happy memories, along with the line ‘When was the last time you did something for the first time’ it suggests that trying out the Opera for the first time could be one of those key memories and something that you fall in love with.


With nostalgia, the memories that we keep are often over the top and romanticised as we repeat them in our heads, as it is the nature of Opera. I wanted my posters and promotional videos to be as such. Almost cliché showing that for young people you don't have to be intimidated by the opera. You don't have to wear a suits and take it so seriously it is something to laugh at, enjoy and have a full range of emotions when seeing an opera.


Commended - YCN Student Awards

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